A Transformative Retreat Experience with Blooming Biz & Mind

Amidst the picturesque beauty of Puntacana, a tranquil paradise in the Dominican Republic, I had the privilege of attending a life-changing retreat organized by the renowned brand-building company, Blooming Biz & Mind. As the sun-kissed shores welcomed me, little did I know that this retreat would not only rejuvenate my spirit but also offer me the opportunity to facilitate personal and professional growth for fellow attendees through one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions.

The retreat, hosted by Blooming Biz & Mind, was a holistic experience that seamlessly blended elements of personal development and business acumen. Surrounded by like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, I found myself immersed in an atmosphere of inspiration and shared aspirations. From interactive workshops on brand identity and market positioning to mindfulness sessions that nurtured our inner selves, every aspect of the retreat was meticulously designed to ignite creativity and foster growth.

What truly set this retreat apart was the emphasis on individual growth. Blooming Biz & Mind went the extra mile by incorporating one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions into the itinerary. As a certified hypnotherapist, I had the privilege of collaborating with the company to provide these sessions to my fellow attendees. The aim was to delve into the subconscious mind, addressing personal barriers and facilitating breakthroughs that could positively impact both personal and professional journeys.

Guiding my peers through these hypnotherapy sessions was an immensely rewarding experience. Witnessing the transformation in their perspectives, the release of limiting beliefs, and the newfound clarity they gained was truly remarkable. As the tropical breeze intermingled with the energy of personal revelations, it was evident that these sessions were an invaluable addition to the retreat’s offerings.

The retreat wasn’t just about acquiring new skills or expanding professional networks; it was a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The synergy between the workshops, mindfulness activities, and hypnotherapy sessions created a unique tapestry that helped us unravel our true potential. Whether we were refining our personal brands or aligning our inner selves with our career goals, every moment was a stepping stone towards holistic growth.

As the retreat came to a close, the bonds forged and the transformations witnessed left an indelible mark on all of us. Blooming Biz & Mind had successfully orchestrated an event that not only elevated our understanding of brand building but also ignited a lifelong journey of self-improvement. And for me, being able to contribute to this journey through hypnotherapy sessions was a privilege that I will forever cherish.

In the heart of Puntacana, amidst the convergence of personal growth and professional advancement, Blooming Biz & Mind had orchestrated a symphony of change, leaving us inspired, empowered, and equipped to bloom in both our businesses and our lives.In the heart of Puntacana, amidst the convergence of personal growth and professional advancement, Blooming Biz & Mind had orchestrated a symphony of change, leaving us inspired, empowered, and equipped to bloom in both our businesses and our lives.

I am Suchita Sanjay.

I am here to make sure you achieve success by reclaiming your self -worth and see the best version of yourself.

Right from my pre-teens I have always noticed people would feel very comfortable to talk to me. I would have people calling me to confide their issues with me and I was always there for them at the time of need. At this point I realised that a person can be happy only if their minds are happy. I felt a strong and a compelling need to educate myself so that I could reach out to many. My passion and drive in me to see as many happy minds and healthy lives led me to be a Clinical Hypnotherapist/ MindValley Certified Hypnotherapist/ Mindset Coach/ Rapid Transformational Therapy.

I am here to help you..!

Within a year of my certification I have been able to successfully transform more than 150 clients. My clients have easily overcome stress, depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies. They have improved their focus and concentration and have successfully overcome their limitations. My clients have considerably improved their health, like reducing back pain, controlling diabetes, cancer etc. I have also helped clients to have good self esteem, confidence and self belief.
Wealth wiring and abundance mind set sessions has also helped my clients to progress in their life and empower themselves.

I have successfully helped many of them overcome their limiting beliefs with regard to eating problems and weight problems. I have helped clients to shed weight and are continuing to maintain the ideal weight.

I have attended to clients from the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Cape Verde and England.

Many of my clients have achieved success through my sessions and are leading a happy and successful life.

"A 360 degree approach to have a lasting impact of eternal happiness, health and joy."